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Latest press releases 2008
10 | 2008 - New DPD Polska’s depot in Warsaw

On October 13th, DPD Polska opened a new depot in Warsaw (WA3). The value of the investment totals 1,85 mln PLN netto. This amount includes the cost of land purchase in Pruszków near Warsaw and depot equipment.

The new terminal covers over 6500 square meters (together with a new administration office). Currently, 130 workers and 120 couriers are employed in the new depot (however the company plans to increase number of couriers, ultimately to reach the number of 140 couriers till the end of the year). There are 37 gates and 6 reloading ramps, the most modern parcel sorting and distributing technologies are implemented in terminal; conditions are made to control every parcel movement from unloading till loading.

The company’s dynamic growth triggers the need for investments. The constant increase in the amount of parcels requires the modernization of existing and creation of new infrastructure in whole of the country. The new parcel distribution terminal is next to border of Warsaw. This location establishes conditions for effective company’s work.

10 | 2008 - All of us are responsible

DPD Polska took part in the debate “CO2 emission via construction strategy: energy certificate, low energy consumption in building technologies and ecological transport as elements of CO2 reduction”, which took place on 15th October 2008 in Warsaw.

The subject was an interesting input to the discussions between guests and journalists attending the debate. DPD Polska named as a Partner of the debate presented its point of view during presentation. Marion Egal – Chief Communication Officer and Sustainable Development Director GeoPost presented the GeoPost SD policy and the modeshift TM initiatives and Edyta Górecka - Human Resources Director and Board Member of DPD Polska spoke about educative aspects of green policy in DPD Polska, which is to take small steps and to make the employees aware of SD issues via direct mailing, web pages, GreenOffice actions (eg. “Turn the light off” stickers; Green Driving – LH route optimization; recycling paper and packs), Green Messenger.

DPD Polska wants to educate the market and make their clients and prospects choose the road transport instead of airfreight. A week earlier DPD Polska had organised an ecological press breakfast launch for journalists and presented the Eco-calculator which concept means replacing one ‘polluting’ transport mode with a less polluting one.

Experts from infrastructure market, architects, developers and media, together about 60 people among them Olgierd Dziekoński – Vice Minister of Infrastructure attended this event.

07 | 2008 - DPD network welcomes a new member

Paris, July 16, 2008 - Having received anti-trust approval, GeoPost Group confirms acquisition of the remaining shares in DPD Serbia from Lagermax.

GeoPost previously owned 30% of shares in DPD Serbia. The change of shareholding is effective immediately.

“With the acquisition of DPD Serbia, GeoPost has further strengthened its position and shown its commitment to the Adriatic region. The Adriatic region plays an important part in DPD’s European network, with increasing goods flows both within the region and to neighboring markets. Businesses in Serbia are becoming increasingly demanding of their service providers; it is our mission to ensure we become the quality leader on the market as quickly as possible. GeoPost has ambitious growth plans for our Serbian business, and our local team will benefit from DPD’s industry know-how and experience from neighbouring markets” says Adam Chazanow, CEO South Eastern Europe.

DPD Serbia already has a strong presence on the local market, with its Belgrade hub and depots in Nis, Cacak and Novi Sad. DPD’s clients in Serbia are currently able to benefit from services including domestic parcel distribution, export and import parcel deliveries, Cash on Delivery services.

06 | 2008 - High speed internet connection thanks to Netia and DPD Polska

Netia signed a contract with logistic services provider - DPD Polska. As a leader in the telecommunication market, cooperating with consumers of its products, Netia puts strong emphasis on timely delivery which is a key issue for the company. In the process of searching for logistic operator, capable to guarantee rapid and on time parcels delivery, irrespective of destination, Netia chose DPD Polska, a leader of courier market in the value added services segment.

The important criteria for the choice of a courier company were also high quality of services provided and high flexibility in adjusting IT system. Due to the above mentioned reasons Netia decided to mandate its parcels to DPD Polska, i.e. to the company which thanks to its range and operational capabilities was able to guarantee reliable, flexible and on time parcel services.

Owing to wide range of its activity (Netia provides Internet connection services to over 270.000 customers), high number of parcels to be delivered (form May 2007 till April 2008 DPD delivered 120 hundred of Netia’s parcels) and the time needed for preparing and producing the documents, Netia is a very demanding Client. For this reason Netia expected from logistic services supplier to establish certain time of parcels delivery and to provide high quality of services with effective deliveries.

Due to Netia’s needs DPD established specific time frames for delivering parcels (12 am – 3 pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-9 pm depending on the postal code). Additionally Netia’s customers in every moment have the opportunity to verify i.a. availability of DPD couriers in particular time zones around Poland. It means that the final recipient himself can establish preferable time and place of delivery: in the residence address, at work or in DPD depot. The recipient decides himself whether he or she wants to take an opportunity of using services with additional options defining by this the final price of delivery.

“While creating DPD Consumer Premium we took into consideration both business and individual customers. We came into market expectations, offering a product which guarantees satisfaction for the final recipients and thereby increases competitiveness of the companies which cooperate with us. Our partners’ satisfaction from the cooperation is a priority for us”, sais Rafał Nawloka, President of DPD Polska.

Coming into Netia’s high expectations in the terms of quality and efficiency of deliveries, DPD Polska also guaranteed the following services: return shipments, direct delivery, recipient data verification, short text message or e-mail notification, and also return parcel service, guarantying next working day return of the telecommunication agreement signed by the customer. Additionally DPD couriers are responsible for careful verification of recipient identity and documents needed to sign the contract with Netia (e.g. paid telephone bill, not older then three months). “We are satisfied with DPD Polska services. Reliable and on time deliveries are the priority in our activity” , says Renata Filipek Baryłowska, The Director of Department Developing Relations with Customers, “DPD meets our expectations in this respect”.

Due to the wide range of cooperation, DPD Polska dedicated a specialized group of its Customer Service employees to serve Netia. Their responsibilities include: constant contact with Netia, immediate help in resolving potential problems as well as preparing and sending daily reports to Netia containing parcels’ current status.

Netia is a supplier of broadband internet access, telephone and telecommunication services. As the first one Netia created a fully commercialized Poland wide cordless network basing on WiMAX technology. To build it Netia uses Alvarion company’s technology, delivered and implemented by Alcatel. Netia’s offer in WiMAX technology includes full range of services based on IP protocol for business and individual customers: access to broadband internet and data transmission with the speed up to 2 Mbit/s, voice connections and multimedia services.

06 | 2008 - DPD on the top of TSL companies ranking

For the second year in a row DPD Polska received Mobile 2008 prize in the category: value of core sales income in 2007 – courier services. The prize is being awarded since 2007 by the magazine Transport Spedycja Logistyka (Transport Shipping Logistics), a supplement to daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, to the companies nominated in the ranking of TSL sector.

“The year 2007 was a very dynamic period for DPD Polska, we noted the biggest growth in the history of the company – 52 % in comparison to the year 2006. The important fact is that the growth of the whole TSL market was less dynamic (17-20 %). The amount of parcels delivered by DPD in the domestic segment exceeded 18 millions of items. This result was possible to achieve thanks to the implementation of new investments, making constant improvements in the services and also continuous monitoring of customers needs and coming up to their expectations. We were very satisfied to hear that we received Mobile prize and we believe that it will also be appreciated by our current and future customers”, says Rafał Nawłoka, President of DPD Polska.

The ranking of the biggest companies in the TSL sector in Poland is published by in the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, basing on the research prepared by the team of Zakład Transportu i Logistyki Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie (Transport and Logistics Institution of Warsaw School of Economics). It aims at investigating the dynamics of TSL sector development on the Polish market. High economic rates reached on the domestic market in 2007 by DPD located the company on the 16th place in the general classification of the 12th edition of Rzeczpospolita ranking. DPD Polska achieved the sales income level of 307 millions of Polish zlotys.

It is worth to mention that in the year 2007 the income of the logistic sector companies increased by above 18% in the comparison to the year 2006, i.e. three times faster than Polish GDP revenue. In the general opinion Polish market of logistic services is competitive even in the comparison to Western European ones.

04 | 2008 - GeoPost announces sales of 3.1 billion euros in 2007

Paris, 1 April 2008 – In 2007, sales of GeoPost, subsidiary of the French La Poste Group and leader in the European BtoB express delivery market, topped the €3-billion mark. Its 2007 sales totalled 3.171 billion euros, an increase of 6.8% compared to 2006, on a like-for-like basis and at constant exchange rate.

GeoPost consolidated its position in Europe by acquiring Seur’s Santander franchise, in Spain, and reinforced its partnership with the leading express delivery company in Turkey, Yurtiçi Kargo, by acquiring a 25%-stake in the company. In South Africa, a new joint venture with the Laser group has enabled GeoPost to move into the country’s domestic express market.

GeoPost has expanded its international brand DPD into Poland, Benelux, Russia and the Baltic States. Thanks to its subsidiaries, leaders in their respective countries, and to a first rate DPD European transport network, GeoPost is today, in terms of sales, the third leading express parcel service provider in Europe.

Agreements signed with Air France /SoDeXi and Aramex have given GeoPost access to intercontinental routes.

Hence, in terms of volume, 2007 saw GeoPost confirm its position as the second largest express company in Europe – 528 million parcels delivered, in 2007 – for 300,000 customers.

04 | 2008 - GeoPost strengthens its presence in Romania by becoming the majority shareholder of Pegasus

Paris – 4 April 2008. GeoPost along with its partner Yurtiçi Kargo, acquired jointly the majority of shares in Pegasus, one of the most successful Courier and Express Parcel companies in Romania. All representatives finalised the acquisition on 27 March 2008.

“GeoPost is aiming to be a leading international player present in all European markets with its international brand, DPD. The discussions and operational partnership that we have had with Pegasus over the last years have proved to be very successful” stated Marek Rozycki, CEO of CSEE (Central and South-Eastern Europe) at GeoPost.

In 1997, Pegasus was established as a Registered Romanian Company and was the first company in Romania to provide intra-city door-to-door delivery services. From now on, Pegasus’ customers will be able to fully benefit from GeoPost´s first rate network in Europe, DPD. The DPD road based products and services in Europe have proven to be extremely popular within all the other European domestic and international markets.

“We want to congratulate the employees and partners of Pegasus Courier Srl who have really come together to reach this momentous occasion. I am optimistic about Pegasus´s development within GeoPost. I am also proud to represent a strong, new subsidiary within the GeoPost Group” stated James Gray-Cheape, Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Courier Srl.

04 | 2008 - DPD Polska becomes „Business Gazelle 2007”

DPD Polska joined the prestigious group of “Business Gazelles 2007”. Regional laureates meeting and ceremony of presenting the awards took its place on 21st of April 2008 in the “Polish Theatre” in Warsaw.

Every year the “Business Gazelles” project awards the most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises acting on the Polish market which achieve very good financial results, develop dynamically and which are reliable partners in business.

“Business Gazelle title is very rewarding and encourages us to believe the current and future customers of DPD Polska will also appreciate it. The award motivates us to improve our services constantly, not to rest on our laurels and to strive for success continuously.” – said Rafał Nawłoka – President of DPD Polska. The ranking not only includes the last year of business activity but also examines the dynamics of company’s development and prizes its rapid and stable development during the last 3 years. “Gazelle” is a medium-sized enterprise, which thanks to particularly dynamic development copes perfectly even with much bigger rivals. Nevertheless, company’s good financial results need to be supported by its immaculate reputation and honesty toward its contractors and employees.

Last year DPD Polska went through a very dynamic period. It was the time of the biggest growth in the company’s history, a year of rapid growth in the number of parcels and high increase in the employment rate. During the last 3 years DPD has been consistently accomplishing its business objectives. In the meantime there was the last phase of re-branding process carried out and the company eventually changed the name from Masterlink into DPD. Continuous and dynamic development of DPD has been driving the actions in many different aspects of company’s operations.

DPD put strong emphasis on expanding company’s infrastructure last year. It opened 2 large depots in Gdańsk and Poznań which are essential elements of new operational structure called “Diamond”. Operational space of DPD was enlarged by 19 000 additional square meters as a result of the investments made. The need for new warehouse space is a result of growing number of parcels delivered by DPD – there is about 40-50% increase every year.

To maintain the high quality of services and the high level of clients satisfaction the company invests its assets into depots modernization and enlargement. More orders mean also more working hands needed. The employment rate reaches almost 5000 employees and sub-contractors. The already big enough company has been constantly building its development on friendly working atmosphere, respect and trust toward its employees. In the case of products there has been two services developing the most rapidly. The first one called DPD Consumer Premium was prepared and examined together with the clients and dedicated especially to serve B2C segment. Second one concerns international road transport. DPD noted an extreme growth of approximately 160 % in international parcels segment.

DPD delivers parcels all around the Europe and by the brand change it became a reliable international partner in business. Year 2007 was also the time of wide automation taking place in DPD. The company’s depots and hubs use much more automatic devices. DPD changed the portfolio of the parcels types it delivers and restricted the number of unusual oversized parcels in the network. This is mainly to provide the clients with the highest quality of services.

This year, there are 3795 companies in the „Business Gazelles” group. Their representatives were invited to take part in the regional ceremonies for the 8th time. Participants had a possibility to integrate with the representatives of other companies awarded, and also to establish interesting business contacts, to enlarge their knowledge and to discus some substantive issues with the specialists – the practicing businessmen.

“Gazelle” project has an international character and it is carried out together by nine economic daily newspapers forming a “Bonier Publishing Group”. Apart from “Business Pulse” there are other daily newspapers which prepare similar specifications in Sweden, Denmark , Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Slovenia. The general idea behind the project is the same everywhere. However the criteria of choosing the companies differ depending on the economic situation of each country.

03 | 2008 - „We love parcels” DPD chooses the best roads to Europe - DPD Polska advertising campaign

The first official DPD advertising campaign in Poland has begun on the 1st of April under the slogan “We send the parcels in the country and in Europe”.

After the end of the successful process of re-branding from Masterlink Express into DPD in 2007 now it is time to undertake strong measures to promote DPD as a new brand on the Polish courier services market. TV campaign has begun on the 1st of April 2008 and will continue till the end of the month i.e. 30th of April 2008, whereas it will be run for 3 months on the Internet.

The strategic goal of the campaign is to build the international image of the company by communicating values of the DPD brand as the company that is people friendly and approaches the clients individually all around the Europe by supporting them in business issues. Through the promotional slogan “We send the parcels in the country and in Europe” DPD Polska conveys a direct message to its present and potential clients about the range of its services and because so far the company had an image of a local player, the message also underlines the importance of international road services of DPD Polska.

Humour in logistics
DPD proposes a surprising form of the campaign. It introduces language and forms of communication (virals) uncommon in logistics. The characteristic features of those communication channels are: particular lightness, practical joke, technical terms avoidance. Light and humorous story aims to inform the target audience about the kinds of services DPD provides and also to gain the interest of the recipients and encourage them to choose those services.

Production of 3 movies in the Odeon film studio with the participation of the actors from the former cabaret called NEGLIŻ was a starting point in the creation of the advertising campaign communication. The connecting motive appearing in every of episodes is Mr. Director, the likeable protagonist, who shows his satisfaction about the cooperation with DPD helping him to send the parcels to Europe. There is also a attractive girl in the box costume who embodies DPD being a remedy for all logistic problems of the company Mr. Director and Mr. Engeneer work for.

Everything is inspired by the trend of classical Polish comedy, created by unforgettable Stanisław Bareja. The uncommon for logistic market half-serious character of the campaign proves to be very original.

Communication channels – the 360° conception
DPD applied the 360 degrees conception and uses a wide variety of marketing elements ranging from television and Internet to direct marketing and internal communication. Whereas all the marketing elements convey the same message. The whole film creation is the trilogy of episodes clasped by the same kind of humour and group of characters.

There will be 45 and 30 seconds long TV spots appearing on the Polish business channels (TV Business, TVN 24) and 60 seconds long virus movies leading their own lives on the portals like YouTube, Wrzuta, Smog.

Advertising spots and virus movies direct net surfers to the website www.kochamypaczki.pl which was especially crated for the needs of the campaign. Internet service is divided into two sections: business and entertainment. Business section consists of the details describing international road service called DPD CLASSIC. That part of the service encourages clients to leave the information regarding business activity they run and at the same time it enables them to contact sales representatives. Potential clients receive unique promotional ring tones referring to the dialogues from the movies. The entertainment section aims at building the mini society of people who love parcels. It provides the opportunity to watch all the creations and to forward the movies, to download wallpapers, as well as to be a script writer. Authors of the most witty dialogues will be awarded attractive prizes, e.g. the trips abroad.

Creation of the attention catching e-mails informing present and potential clients about the special layout was the additional element of the whole action. The mailing targets at building DPD brand awareness and supporting the sales.

The 360 degrees advertising campaign is being completed accordingly to DPD marketing strategy by carrying out internal campaign activities directed to its employees. There were pre-premiere advertising spots shows organized in all DPD Depots. DPD employees saw the spots as first, before those short episodes could be seen all around the Poland on the TV and internet. The special website started working at the 7th of April for DPD employees, they are able to watch the movies as well as to download funny ring tones for their mobile phones. Everyone has the opportunity to share movies with their families and friends as well as to participate in a competition with attractive prizes. In the campaign, DPD Polska put the emphasis on the activities supporting its sales, employees and couriers. Therefore the internal communication will be a strong element supporting external communication (e.g. by the competitions proposed).

So far on the logistics market there were only 1-2 marketing communication channels used, mainly basing on the printed media. Billboard campaigns or classical Internet advertisements were very rarely seen. DPD was the first company on the logistic market using viral marketing in the re-branding process already in 2007.

The campaign “We send the parcels in the country and in Europe” is the third and the last part of the change management strategy – “Masterlink is changing into DPD”. In Poland its conducted by Marketing and Communication Department of DPD. PIN Media is responsible for media buying and Odeon film studio is responsible for production of advertising spots.